The Encore

Exterior Facade Repairs and Exterior Paint

3290 Cobb Galleria Pkwy
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

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339 Units

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1 All work defined in Contract Documents other than specifically listed belowin Items 2 through 12 including but not limited to Mobilization AccessGeneral Conditions Insurance Fees Permits Supervision OverheadProtection etc 2 Stucco Base of Wall Flashing Repairs Remove bottom 8 inches of existingstucco at the base of wall terminations at-grade patios and balconies andinstall new through-wall flashings at locations illustrated on ConstructionDocuments and in accordance with Details 7 8 9 and 10 on Sheet R30Contractor shall assume that at 750 square feet of ZIP system sheathingonly shall be removed and replaced3 New Flashings at Stucco Wall-to-Soffit Interface Remove bottom 8 inchesof existing stucco at vertical wall-to-soffit transitions around all buildingsincluding fascia-to-soffit interfaces and install new through-wall flashings atlocations illustrated on Construction Documents and in accordance withdetails on Sheet R31 Contractor shall assume that at 500 square feet of ZIPsystem sheathing only shall be removed and replaced 4 Replace Perimeter Sealants Remove and replace perimeter joint sealantsaround all exterior windows exterior door assemblies and facadepenetrations including exterior light fixtures guardrail attachmentsdownspouts sign supports and electrical conduits throughout buildingfacades with new MBS Masterseal NP 100 hybrid sealant or approvedequal Prior to installation remove all existing sealant and deleteriousmaterials from joint New sealant shall be installed in accordance withmanufacturer recommendations and Details 1 and 4 on Sheet R30 5 Apply New Elastomeric Coating Prior to coating application clean allexisting stucco and EIFS surfaces to be free of dirt debris or deleteriousmaterials Apply a new elastomeric coating in accordance SpecificationSection 09 96 53 and manufacturers written recommendations 6 New Sealant at Existing Balcony and Roof Overhang Flashing Grind downexisting finish at stucco fascia and install new sealant and backer rodbetween stucco fascia and drip edge of flashings along all balconies androof overhangs in accordance with Detail 6R31 7 Remove and Replace Stucco Cladding Removeand replace stucco cladding exhibiting evidenceof widespread cracking to match existing inaccordance with Details 2 5 and 6 on Sheet R30and Specification Section 09 24 23 This willinclude the removal and replacement of thestucco metal lath building felt paper andassociated stucco accessories 750 sf 8 Crack Repairs in Stucco Cladding Repair existingcracks in the stucco cladding in accordance withDetail 3R30 and Specification Section 09 24 23 500 lf 11 EIFS Base of Wall Repairs At areas of exposedfiberglass reinforcing mesh with no base coatremove bottom 8 inches of barrier EIFS at thebase of wall install new insulation board prewrappedwith reinforcing mesh encapsulated inbase coat with new finish coat to match existing inaccordance with Detail 1R31 400 lf 12 Miscellaneous EIFS Repairs Repair cracks or areasof exposed mesh in accordance with Details 4 and5 on Sheet R31 500 sf x

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